Bedford D 1-4 Leighton Buzzard B

Well outgraded against experienced opponents, Bedford D struggled against Leighton Buzzard B.

  • John played his now traditional abject opening, fought hard to almost equalise, but never quite did so.
  • Callum went for a very aggressive attack whilst leaving his queenside open and his c3 knight en prise. He continued to press after losing the exchange and his game continued to go downhill rapidly.
  • Ben C appeared to be losing an endgame being 2 pawns down and his opponent converted.
  • Ben P had a probably lost endgame after allowing his opponent to exchange on f3, but then blundered and lost a piece.
  • Toby’s opponent failed to materialise. Hate it when that happens.

We’ll have better nights this season!


P.S. I blame myself. Clearly my tweet to Donald Trump about Qais didn’t work. Should’ve emailed.

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  1. Hahahaha even if you call won’t work as Donald Trump is my best freind though 😉

    Will be back soon

    Please guys be strong and look after our beloved D Tea
    Best wishes for the future

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