6th March – MK B v Bedford B

The B team more or less cemented their position in division 1 for next season with an efficient demolition of the only other second team in the top flight. The home team looked second favourite on every board from quite early on – it finished 4-1 but might have been more!

  • Ekhaesomi clearly does not visit our website or he would have not followed the same game as last year – Pike played a little dubiously (as ever) at times but won in 22 moves inside the hour
  • Joe played a calm captains role, efficiently converting a space advantage against Whiteside ¬†into a winning R+Ps endgame
  • Alex obtained a strong middle game position with Holland’s king and queen caught in the centre. ¬† He converted this into an advantageous N+Ps ending but running very short of time had to concede a draw
  • Mike won a piece in the opening against Puleston and never looked troubled
  • Neil looked to have the better of a rather weird game (imho – Ed) against Ward but settled for the draw with one eye on the team’s result.