Andy Playing IoM Open

You may or not be aware our own Andy Ledger is playing in the IOM Open. Won in Round One and as we speak he is holding his own vs. some Chinese Woman GM thingy…
Take a gander on
Go go go Andy!!



24th September 2017

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  1. If I were Andy I would be wanting to kick something this evening.
    After a Caro and a French, this time Andy opted for a Ruy (I think it’s the Breyer Variation) and kept it pretty level until about move 54. Andy had an extra pawn in a rook/knight ending but his king was trapped in the corner so there were always mate threats about.
    I think that as in Andy’s previous GM game, the clock was a large part of the difference between the players.

    With luck, Andy will avoid getting Kramnik in round 6. Kramnik is having a nightmare of a tournament, having been held to a draw in round 5 by Lawrence Trent (2427)

  2. Andy beat Paehtz in 108 moves!
    His reward is Black against another GM in round 5, Donchenko rated 2559.
    To put Andy’s performance so far into context, among the other players on 2.5/4 is Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan.

  3. It looked like he cracked in time pressure. A great shame because I thought he held the position well throughout.

  4. Andy duly got an Indian GM Sethuraman rated 2617. The game is instructive though not (for Andy) in a good way; he was always just a tiny bit worse in a Rubinstein French, losing material around move 40. It looked like a good example of a GM keeping pressure on until his relatively weaker opponent cracks.
    Sethuraman’s reward for beating Andy is to have Black against Nakamura!
    Reasonably normal service is restored for Andy who will have White against Elisabeth Paehtz of Germany, who is “only” a 2453-rated IM.

  5. Ghost replied for Neil:

    Andy has reached an ending Q + 3P v Q + 3P. Stockfish assesses it as equal and it’s difficult to see either side making progress.
    Andy’s Round 1 game on Chess24 was seriously hairy, by the way…


    1. Ghost replied for Chris:

      Sadly as one of the two or three lowest ranked players on 1.5 out of 2, Andy will get a 2550-2600 opponent in Round 3 – a very tough game but probably not against an opponent with a name to tell the grandchildren about…..

      But if the pairings were chosen randomly, as in round 1, that may have been a different story!


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