Bedford A back to winning ways

Home Team: Luton Away Team: Bedford A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Andrew Perkins 189 0 1 Mindaugas Beinoras 231
2 Samir Vora 161 0.5 0.5 Steven C Ledger 190
3 Michael Joseph 151 0 1 Michael T Botteley 178
4 Damon D’Cruz 144 0.5 0.5 Ravi Arulnandhy 161
5 Marek Gladysz 145 0 1 Qais Karimi 140
1 4
Played: 19/03/18

In Paul’s absence, Steve provides some insight:-

So solid stuff with 3 white wins and 2 black draws.

Didn’t see much of the other games but ….

Qais duffed up Gladysz fairly quickly and impressed Steve Bennett.

Ravi drew next but didn’t see it at all.

Mike won, didn’t see it either but he was mighty relieved to have won a game at last.

Mindaugas was given a pawn fairly early on then won another later, had to be a bit careful not to end up in an opposite B ending he couldn’t win but suspect it was fairly smooth and effortless.

I’m sure I should have won somewhere as I was better with B after about 10 moves. Ended up in R+B V R+N ending in the last few minutes of allegro. Mindaugas pointed out a better try that probably would have won but I had to finally take the draw with K V K !!