Bedford A held by MKB (again!)

1Steven C Ledger18610Richard CP Freeman181
2Paul F Habershon1800.50.5Francesca Matta178
3Ravi Arulnandhy16901Phillip Ekhaesomi166
4Richard T Bodily17810Robert Whiteside160
5Andrew J Chapman16901Peter Edwards162

This was a match we really needed to win, but MKB held us to a draw for the second time. With Andrew shedding pawns on Bd 5 and Ravi always on the back foot we went 0-2 down. Then Rob Whiteside failed to convert a winning position and Richard wrapped up the point (see game). Steve did not seem to be making much progress on Bd 1 but eventually his persistence paid off. This left me playing the deciding game, but I had already missed a simple exchange into a won pawn ending (see below). I was still a pawn up in a bishop ending but Francesca defended well and it simplified to a dead draw.

Captain misses open goal (Paul is overly hard on himself here but it’s worth a look, what would you play? – Ed)