Bedford B edged out

 Milton Keynes B   Away Team: Bedford B 
1Richard CP Freeman18210Qais Karimi167
2Francesca Matta1750.50.5Alex Taylor168
3Robert Whiteside1600.50.5Nick Collacott170
4Peter Edwards15710Marc ON Obi160
5Ali Kheyrollahi155e01Michael T Botteley160

Bedford B made a second trip to Milton Keynes looking to improve on their performance against the OU.

Mike was first to finish on Board 5.   I did not see much of the game, but from what I did see, he had a very comfortable position out of the opening and he was able to convert this to victory.

My game was one where there were very few chances for either side.  Out of an English opening the position was level although I was briefly a pawn up in the rook ending, the game petered out to a draw.

Nick initially had a good advantage in his game, and the pressure allowed him to win the exchange with a good position.  However, a slight miscalculation led to him handing back the exchange and the rook and pawn ending was dead drawn.

Marc appeared to have early pressure in his game and had cramped his opponent up.  However, his opponent managed to win a pawn and open up the position, which allowed his bishop pair to dominate.  Marc was forced in a rook ending many pawns down and he ultimately succumbed.

Qais and Richard had an interesting battle.  Out of a closed Sicilian position Qais grabbed a hot pawn and the next time I looked his queen was looking distinctly offside on a3 and his other pieces disjointed.  Richard took advantage of this to manoeuvre his queen to the kingside and put pressure on the king.  This ultimately led to the winning of the exchange, and the endgame was relatively straightforward.

After a promising start to the season, two losses leaves the team in mid-table, but with still plenty to play for.

Alex Taylor, 20/12/19