Bedford D 0-5 Open University

  Home Team: Bedford D   Away Team: Open University
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Toby Cox 139 0 1 Graham E Borrowdale 177
2 John J Harbour 139 0 1 James NO’D Alexander 149
3 Callum T Shields 134 0 1 Josue Estevez Fernandez 130e
4 Gerry Nolan 130e 0 1 Dominic Bartram 111
5 R David Cox 63 0 1 Paul Endersby 107
Played: 24/01/2019   0 5    

As I wandered around occasionally the other games were hard to judge: the typical complicated, level material, positions that we all get into. How we managed to lose them all is a mystery. All I can say is well done to the O.U. players.

In my game a dodgy “theoretical novelty” at move 5 led to a decent position where I eventually won a pawn. Disaster struck as I was coasting to victory, with more spectators than time.