Bedford D 2½-2½ Northampton

  Home Team: Bedford D   Away Team: Northampton
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Toby Cox 139 1 0 Jordan Madjovski 155
2 John J Harbour 139 1 0 David P Curran 143
3 def 130e 0 1 James Brutus
4 Gerry Nolan 130e 0.5 0.5 Shane Ashley 135
5 Lucian Cox 107 0 1 Dion G Lindsay 105
Played: 01/11/2018   2.5 2.5    

The evening got off to a poor start when Callum interpreted “Our next match is this coming Thursday home to Northampton” as “Get ye to Northampton” only to be told on arrival that their club night is Tuesday.

My game got complicated early on as I departed from theory at about move 6, so once again I had little time to spectate and don’t have much to say about the other games. By the time I managed to go for a wander Gerry had agreed a draw, I was winning, Toby was a pawn up, and Lucian was a couple of pawns down.

Well done to Toby for another fine win. His opponent makes a couple of mistakes and is ruthlessly punished for them.

My game was fun, though the phrase “more luck than judgment” comes to mind.