Bedford D do the job for Bedford C

The C team captain had told us we needed to beat Milton Keynes C to lift them out of the Div 2 relegation places. We thought we had failed, but it turns out that a draw was enough to do the job.

Milton Keynes C v Bedford D

  Home Team: Milton Keynes C   Away Team: Bedford D
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Alan Heath 152 0 1 James Gardner 173
2 Dave Wells 133 1 0 Qais Karimi 140
3 Colin Solloway 133 0.5 0.5 John J Harbour 138
4 John McKeon 121 0 1 Robert S Walker 117
5 Geir Erik Nielsen 116 1 0 Toby Cox 112
    2.5 2.5    
Played: 03/05/2018          

Toby was first to finish after a bold attack, pushing the pawns in front of his castled king, rebounded on him.

Qais “sacrificed” first one pawn, then another. His position looked poor to me, but I was still expecting him to be explaining later on how he was “always better”. It wasn’t to be…

Robert and John took about 2 hours to exchange any material. I was otherwise engaged as Robert won first a rook and then the game.

James came out on top against Alan in a complicated, tactical affair. When glancing at their game I never felt I knew what was going on.

I got my pieces into a tangle, but after the first exchanges was able to build up a strong-looking king-side attack. This came to nothing, and we entered a R+B endgame with me a pawn down. When Colin offered a draw I nearly grabbed his hand off.


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  1. I guess it’s common sense, but the B and C teams’ final positions in the league have depended on the number of games won and not just the matches won. A salutary lesson!

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