Bedford D v MK C

The D rose to the challenge posed by the C team captain by winning a hard fought match against Milton Keynes C.   Richard reports:- 

  • Callum won a pawn in the middle game, swapped down to a rook knight and pawns endgame with Callum having a passed ‘a’ pawn which he was pushing.
  • I obtained my usual very average position out of the opening, fought back to equalise and then blundered.
  • Ben was on the wrong end of a Ruy Lopez exchange which his opponent played well, good knight v bad bishop.  Ben had to shed several pawns to free his pieces and succumbed.
  • Mike always had a slight edge and exchanged down to a 2 rooks and 2 bishops v 2 rooks and 2 knights.  He steadily improved his position and won 2 pawns whilst retaining his advantage.
  • Gerry had black against a London system  and his opponent built a promising king side attack see game.  Black defended well and his opponent seemed to run out of ideas when Gerry counter-attacked and in the complications was victorious. 

A good result capping a fine season.

Home Team: Bedford D Away Team: Milton Keynes C
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Michael T Botteley 165 1 0 Peter Rawcliffe 147
2 Richard T Bodily 140e 0 1 Colin Solloway 129
3 Gerry Nolan
see game
141e 1 0 John McKeon 121
4 Callum T Shields 123 1 0 Dave Wells 115
5 Ben Pike 80e 0 1 Bryan Leggett 88
Date Played: 03/04/2014 3 2