Black to decline a Draw and Lose

Mr Ledger answers the call for games (and what a game it is!):

When I first craned my neck over my captain’s shoulder to see who I was playing I thought his name was Dimitri thus, instantly, adding 100 points to his playing strength. I was quite relieved to see it was actually Dimitrios, which sounded Greek to me, so I settled down at
the board to spend 5 minutes trying to mentally subtract 700 from 2066 and divide by 7.5 to work out his proper grade and then try to recall my record against Greeks. A strange calm came over me as I settled on “about 180” and decided I’d beaten a Greek at Hastings in the mid 1990’s and so was somehow destined to win (am I the only one who thinks such irrational thoughts ?).

I had much the better of a draw against a Mongolian IM, again at Hastings in the mid 1990’s, and duffed up a Mexican 200 at the 4NCL a few years back so am desperate to play a compatriot of either, conversely I think I’m 0 from 2 against Albanians and so dread facing one ever again ). Anyway, some chess ….