British update: Paul, David and Toby win

We had mixed results on Thursday; with wins for myself and Toby, and losses for Ben and Lucian.

In my game, I managed to cramp my opponent’s position leading to him having under developed pieces. A king side attack from a pawn push with a bishop sacrifice proved to be too much.

Ben was uncharacteristically timid in the opening. His opponent took advantage of this to develop a strong and ultimately winning position.

Toby managed to gain early centre control with his French Defence, allowing him to start a strong king side attack. Along the way he won a bishop, then sacrificed a knight to force mate.

Lucian was evenly matched with his opponent, until he missed a tactic which allowed her to take a rook.

A win today puts me on 3.5/5 so at least I’m guaranteed 50%, which is all I got last year. Bimpson leads with 4.5, followed by 4 players on 4, so I am in a group in =6th place with two rounds left.


Paul Kendall and Brian Valentine are on 3/5 in the same tournament. Richard Freeman is on 2/5 in the over 50’s.