Apologies for the delay in posting Peter’s photos (we’re really missing you Tony!) of the AGM trophy presentations.  It would be a crime to miss Steve’s sartorial elegance in particular!

Congratulations to Steve Ledger for winning Division 1 and Robert Walker for winning Division 2.



All’s well that ends well!

Ten members tore themselves away from the tennis and/or their gardens last Thursday to test their endgame skills on a series of fascinating real game positions unearthed by Richard. They were divided into two teams of roughly equal grade and rotated through the evening. I’m afraid I can’t remember which team won but the two best performances were by John and Callum – leaving higher graded players in their wake. The solutions were very often counter intuitive – pawns had to be ditched, Kings had to charge off in what seemed like the wrong direction etc – all explained by Richard after each round on the demonstration board. Either he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of endings or he had put in a lot of work to achieve a terrific evening much enjoyed by everyone.

Members will be pleased to hear that Tony Lawrence was back after illness – not yet 100% but on the way.

Some members have never been to one of these evenings – why not try next Thursday when Steve Ledger will be organising an evening of gambits – both fun and education are guaranteed!

Peter Gill 14/07/2018


For those that didn’t attend, Richard’s approach is as follows:-

  • Keep the positions simple
  • Short solutions or main lines
  • No studies – often actual games
  • Practical so may be useful when it occurs in a game
  • Review and discussion of the position afterwards

You can try them here:-



Game of the Season results

As described last night, the Game of the 2017-18 Season award, chosen by the membership, was shared jointly by Marc Obi for his fine win against Gary Kenworthy and Toby Cox for his demolition of Robert Whiteside.

Marc’s game drew praise both for his play and the importance of it in the context of Bedford B’s season:-

  • “Marc makes the job of defeating a vastly experienced FIDE Master look utterly straightforward. And it wasn’t. It is the apparent effortlessness of Marc’s play which makes such an impression.”
  • “Marc Obi’s performances on Board 1 gets him my vote …., particularly the cool finish against Kenworthy”
  • “Beating Kenworthy is Herculean”

Toby’s game was admired for its attacking flair:-

  • “… Toby treats him with a lack of respect (by which I mean a lack of exaggerated caution) which is delightful.”
  • “… it doesn’t need annotation, just remember what it’s like to be young!”
  • “Toby Cox fought fire with fire and took his chances admirably.”
  • “Rob is an excellent player and Toby just beat him fair and square. Kudos!”

Both players had had excellent seasons so the joint award was extremely fitting and well deserved.

These two games were way ahead of all others and are well worth a look if you haven’t already – follow the links above.

The voting was rather disappointing with only 13 votes being cast, although it was interesting to note that 17 different games were selected, showing that different games are perceived differently by different players.

It was thought that one thing deterring voting was the number of games on display.  Next season, a short list of 10-12 will be selected which will hopefully encourage a greater turnout.


Fake news!

Apologies to Richard McMorran for prematurely and incorrectly declaring him Division 2 champion.  Following various defaults, the Sonneborn-Berger score was incorrectly calculated.  After a subsequent default by Joe against John, the resultant calculations leaves Robert Walker as the narrow winner of the event – many congratulations to him.

Both players will be promoted to Division 1 next season.

Toby tops Division 3

Toby Cox wrapped up the last bit of unfinished business in the club tournaments by overcoming his father to take the Division 3 title by tie break over Callum Shields.  Both players scored an impressive 5 wins from 6 games but Toby’s win over Callum in their individual game proved decisive.

Richard makes Steve the king! (game added)

Kingmaker Richard Bodily beat Marc Obi on Thursday to take second place himself and leave Steve Ledger as the winner of the Club Championship – many congratulations to him!

My reporter on the spot tells me that Marc won a pawn quite early on and seemed to have a won game, but with time running out Marc misplayed a Rook and pawn ending allowing Richard to Queen first despite still being a pawn behind.

Joe beat Ben Cox in the second division.

In the Game of the Season poll, the bad news is that only one person has voted.  The good news is that they voted for my somewhat sketchy effort so it looks like I will win the prize!  To avoid this clear travesty, please vote now!

Division 1 relegation decided, championship still in the balance

On a tense night for Division 1, three of the remaining four games were contested.

Richard and Steve L were first to finish, to my untutored eye it looked even throughout and a draw was agreed a few hours in.  This takes Steve a point clear at the top.  The TC would need to confirm but it looks as though Marc could catch him both in points and s-b if he wins his final game against Richard.

Alex, needing a win to avoid relegation, was up against the out of form Mike.  As so often happens on these occasions, past performance is no guide and Mike’s kingside attack broke through to win the full point.

Nick now needed at least a draw against Steve P to avoid the drop.  Nick was in must-win mode from the get-go and looked the most likely to win.  After 65 moves and most of 3 hours to reach a K, B and wrong colour RP against K, he took the draw.  This condemned Mike to Division 2.

Ben won his final (?) Division 3 game.  Depending on how the unfinished games are decided, it is still quite unclear …?

Game of the Season 2018

Before the AGM in July, we hold a ballot for the best game and the winner is awarded something special!

The candidate games are those appearing on the website games page from 9th June. Currently, there are some 27 games on the page – thanks to Neil for his recent entry into the “Insane” category – this should give everyone heart! *:) happy

For those of you unfamiliar with the format, and as a reminder to others who pretend they don’t know, any proper game you have played this season in any competition anywhere will qualify – brilliant, funny, ridiculous, important or insane are some of the qualities that could win the prize.

You can annotate them or not, pgn is preferable but I’ll accept anything, but please send them to me NOW!

I will advise as to the voting procedure next weekend.

Club competitions nearly over …?

A flurry of tournament games last night answers a number of questions (and asked a few more) about the final standings for the divisions.

In division 1, Steve L drew with Alex, leaving him at the top of the pile but Marc is still in with a shout, only half a point behind.  Each have one game to play, against the same player – Richard B.

Mike’s loss against Nick leaves him in a shaky spot but he can still survive if he beats Alex and Steve P beats Nick in their final games.  If Mike draws with Alex, they will both go down unless Steve P beats Nick when Mike and Nick will face the drop.  If Alex beats Mike, the loser of Steve P v Nick will be doomed – something like that anyway!? (I can’t find scenarios where Richard, Paul or Qais go down, even though I have tried quite hard)

John’s win against Peter in division 2 appears to leave Richard M and Robert as the top two, although illness and absence complicate things a little.

Toby’s win over Ben would seem to leave him and Nigel W as the top 2 in division 3 but again,  illness and absence may have a role to play.

Good luck to all (well some of you anyway) in your final endeavours!