ECF news

As per the recent mail from the ECF, there are at least two pertinent issues:-

  1. There is an appeal for ecf membership renewal. All sporting organisations are struggling and the Federation is no exception and needs your support!  
  2. There is a new rating system, compatible with international FIDE ratings. It seems quite good and I believe the idea is to update monthly (if we ever play serious chess again!).

September figures:-

Beinoras, Mindaugas2478C
Ledger, Stephen C2185A
Gardner, James2080B
Cox, Toby2080A
Arulnandhy, Ravi2073D
Taylor, Alex2050C
Botteley, Michael T2043C
Collacott, Nick2020C
Reed, Darren S2005D
Bodily, Richard T1968C
Karimi, Qais1960B
Habershon, Paul F1938B
Obi, Marc ON1938A
Pike, Steve C1840C
Walker, Robert S1758C
Gill, Peter S1728C
Valerio, Giuseppe1728D
Shields, Callum T1660C
McMorran, Richard1653A
Cox, Lucian1600A
Evans, Andy1585D
Griffiths, George1383F
Cox, R David1270B
MacKenzie, Reginald W (Mac)1203C
Lawrence, Anthony P1053C
Page, Doug1000E

First night back reflections

Bedford Chess Club restarted last night after the Covid lockdown. Everything was a bit different – masks, sanitiser, your own personal set, tables turned lengthwise etc. but on the whole I thought it was an encouraging first effort.

There was a very positive turnout of members, young and old. It might be interesting to hear what other people thought so please reply below.

The main things I found difficult were remembering not to pick up my opponents pieces and working out how to drink beer whilst wearing a mask!


Back open for business!

GREAT NEWS! – as most of you will already know but well worth reiterating, the club will re-open tonight!

Following the positive AGM in July, the committee have “met” and decided that we can re-open.  A RISK ASSESSMENT has been performed and a Protocol has been devised to enable this.  It is important that all attendees familiarise themselves with both and follow them.  They will be kept under review and any concerns should be addressed to the secretary but hopefully all is well and we can get back to some over the board chess!

Magnus misses out on fantasy!

World champion Magnus Carlson was hoping to top the Fantasy Premier League in the final week but disappointingly fell away to finish 11th out of 7,628,968 players.

For information, I scored more points than he did in the last week, but finished a mere 2,999,622 places behind!

New gradings are out!

Given the truncated nature of the season, they may not be quite as significant as usual but the end of season gradings are out. Full details may be found here. Bedford players are as folows:-

Name July Jan 
Arulnandhy, Ravi183D173D
Beinoras, Mindaugas237C231C
Bodily, Richard T169C168B
Botteley, Michael T179C173B
Chapman, Andrew J166B161A
Collacott, Nick176C172C
Cox, Lucian120A110A
Cox, R David76A76A
Cox, Toby184A176A
Evans, Andy117D138E
Gardner, James184B191B
Gill, Peter S137C136C
Griffiths, George91F  
Habershon, Paul F165A170A
Karimi, Qais168B167A
Lawrence, Anthony P47C41C
Ledger, Stephen C198A196A
MacKenzie, Reginald W (Mac)67C66D
McMorran, Richard127A135A
Obi, Marc ON165A159A
Page, Doug40E47F
Pike, Steve C152C152C
Reed, Darren S173D172E
Shields, Callum T128C128D
Taylor, Alex180C177C
Valerio, Giuseppe137D138C
Walker, Robert S141C130B

4NCL online

For those that are interested, 4NCL games can be viewed online on a Tuesday evening (there are 3 rounds left). 3 Bedford members are taking part for MK Phoenix teams 1 and 2, James Gardner, Toby Cox and Lucian Cox.

To view the games, go to and then to online and individual pairings which will be announced at around 6.30 every Tuesday. There is a link attached to each paring from which the game can be viewed.

I believe there are other ways to watch. Danny Gormally who is top board for Steve Ledger’s team Blackthorne Russia actually commentates on his game as it progresses! You can find that at

Please share more thoughts on this by replying to this post.

Take care, Steve