MK C v Bedford C

The C Team finished their season with a match against MK C, who had slightly strengthened their team since our last meeting. Peter H and Mac found their opponents too strong on the bottom boards. Peter G, after equalising out of the opening, missed a double attack by his opponent’s queen and lost a pawn. Matters got rapidly worse and we were 3-0 down. Nigel had his second fine victory in two weeks to make the score a little more respectable. The captain is still waiting for his first ever win over Peter Rawcliffe after being outplayed in the middle-game, having to sacrifice a pawn for some counter-play and making the time-control by literally one second. Peter still had to make his 35th move, probably still stunned that the game was not over, and he missed a strong, almost certainly winning, rook move. Soon we were in an opposite-coloured bishops ending and he had to concede the draw.

So we will finish mid-table, above both the OU and MK C, so all in all an excellent season for the club’s weakest team.

Home Team: MK C Away Team: Bedford C
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Peter Rawcliffe 147 0.5 0.5 Chris Hill 134
2 Tim Puleston 139 1 0 Peter S Gill 133
3 Colin Solloway 129 0 1 Nigel Staddon 134
4 John McKeon 121 1 0 Peter T Housden 102
5 Dave Wells 115 1 0 RW (Mac) MacKenzie 72
Date Played: 10/04/2014 3.5 1.5

Bedford successes

Bedford club players performed well at the recent St. Albans Chess Congress:-

  • Peter Housden scored a creditable 3/5 in the minor section
  • Mike Botteley scored a near perfect 4.5/5 in the major section to win it outright!

Paul Habershon continues to impress on the international stage.  He currently has 4/6  5/7 (sorry, can’t keep up!), playing board 1 for England 2.  Follow this link for a picture of him disposing of some Swede in round 6.

Bedford D v MK C

The D rose to the challenge posed by the C team captain by winning a hard fought match against Milton Keynes C.   Richard reports:- 

  • Callum won a pawn in the middle game, swapped down to a rook knight and pawns endgame with Callum having a passed ‘a’ pawn which he was pushing.
  • I obtained my usual very average position out of the opening, fought back to equalise and then blundered.
  • Ben was on the wrong end of a Ruy Lopez exchange which his opponent played well, good knight v bad bishop.  Ben had to shed several pawns to free his pieces and succumbed.
  • Mike always had a slight edge and exchanged down to a 2 rooks and 2 bishops v 2 rooks and 2 knights.  He steadily improved his position and won 2 pawns whilst retaining his advantage.
  • Gerry had black against a London system  and his opponent built a promising king side attack see game.  Black defended well and his opponent seemed to run out of ideas when Gerry counter-attacked and in the complications was victorious. 

A good result capping a fine season.

Home Team: Bedford D Away Team: Milton Keynes C
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Michael T Botteley 165 1 0 Peter Rawcliffe 147
2 Richard T Bodily 140e 0 1 Colin Solloway 129
3 Gerry Nolan
see game
141e 1 0 John McKeon 121
4 Callum T Shields 123 1 0 Dave Wells 115
5 Ben Pike 80e 0 1 Bryan Leggett 88
Date Played: 03/04/2014 3 2

Leighton Buzzard B v Bedford C

The C Team had an excellent win at Leighton Buzzard – notes by Chris.

  • Nigel was playing in his first league match since his illness and showed he was back to form by beating Andre Eggenhoffner with a kingside attack.
  • Mac outclassed his young opponent to score a comfortable win putting us two points up – could we score the third point for the win?
  • This looked unlikely as Peter Housden was always struggling against Tony Readman and eventually lost.
  • Peter Gill’s opponent sacrificed a piece in the opening (Cochrane Gambit) and built up a very strong position. In the end Peter gave a piece back to reach material equality and eventually achieved a draw.

So the result rested on my game with Brian Valentine, a regular contributer to this website!! I felt I had a slight edge in the opening but he came back into the game and I couldn’t find a way to improve the position of my major pieces. He rejected my draw offer at the time control and won a pawn so I just marched my king down the board (didn’t someone say that the king is an attacking piece?) and tried to mate him with rook, knight and king while he pushed his extra pawn. Unfortunately in time trouble I couldn’t find the mate (pointed out afterwards by Graham Borrowdale) but at least I had a perpetual check and secured the 3-2 victory.

This win piles the pressure on the D Team(!?) ahead of their crucial match against MKC at the club on Thursday. The C and D Team are locked together on 9 points with both having one match to play.


Home Team: Leighton Buzzard B Away Team: Bedford C
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Brian J Valentine 161 0.5 0.5 Chris Hill see game 134
2 Tom Rixon 134 0.5 0.5 Peter S Gill 133
3 Andre Eggenhoffner 125e 0 1 J Nigel Staddon 126
4 Tony Readman 125 1 0 Peter T Housden 102
5 Valentin Bunave 100e 0 1 RW (Mac) MacKenzie 72
Date Played: 01/04/2014 2 3


Bedford B v Northampton

26th March – Northampton 1.5 – 3.5 Bedford B

An efficient team performance with boards 2 to 5 appearing (from superficial observation) comfortable throughout, Neil blowing his hapless opponent away from the outset.  Board 1’s end game technique was conspicuously absent as he contrived to lose a dead drawn R+7P v R+7P ending.

New-look Games Page

The website has a new-look games page from which a number of different options may be selected:-

  • Today – games played by Bedford Club players this season – all new games played in the league or club competitions very welcome
  • Yesterday – games played by Bedford Club players in seasons past – this recently includes an interesting “missed opportunity” for Alex and a number of Joe’s correspondence games – please add to the body of club games
  • Bedford games – notable games with a Bedford connection – Neil has contributed some but I’m sure more are available?
  • British chess masterpieces – Neil has selected 30 games that symbolise 200 years of British chess – he has annotated five so far with more to follow
  • Ravi’s corner – Ravi presents a series of interesting and educational games – the first one is published, more to follow
  • Mr Fletcher’s gambits – Neil considers gambits old and new – coming soon

Feedback on content to Steve or direct to Ravi or Neil as appropriate please!  Alternatively, any suggestions or contributions for new themes will be published! – thanks in anticipation

County Championship Third Round

Bedford club hosted the county championship third round this week.  Bedford players (bolded) had mixed fortunes but Steve ledger took an uncontested lead at the halfway stage of this year’s competition.

Board White


1 Adrian Elwin 169 (2) 0 v 1 (2) Steve Ledger 188
2 Richard Freeman 187 (1.5) 0.5 v 0.5 (2) Graham Smith 182
3 Peter Hunt 166 (1.5)  0.5 v 0.5 (1.5) Steve Pike 170
4 Paul Habershon 191 (1) 0 v 1 (1.5) Ravi Arulnandhy 183
5 Ray Holland 152 (1) 0 v 1 (1) Rajan Ganger 183
6 Graham Borrowdale 180 (1) 1 v 0 (1) Rob Whiteside 160
7 Kevin Williamson 170 (1) 1 v 0 (1) Michael Joseph 152
8 Tim Puleston 139 (1) 0.5 v 0.5 (1) Adrian Matthews 166
9 Sajan Ganger 123 (0) 0 v 1 (1) Brian Valentine 161
10 Colin Solloway 129 (0) 1 v 0 (0) Ben Pike 80
11 Bryan Leggett 88 (0) v (0) Dave Phillips 114