Chess club closed

A s I am sure everyone will have assumed the NEWMC has closed and so the Chess Club will not now be open until further notice.

I personally have never played online chess but I understand that there are plenty of options – see for example the ECF Site and Chess 24 for details. If anyone has a favourite site which they can recommend do please let everyone know here.

I hope all our members and their families manage to stay healthy and let’s hope we can get together to play over the board chess again before too long. 

Peter Gill, 25th March 2020

Editor’s suggestions:-

Amazingly, the candidates are still going strong. Chess24 have a very good line up of comentators including Svidler, Short and Magnus himself! – a very good distraction if your homeworking is becoming tiresome.

4NCL are going online if anyone wants to organise some teams – might be worth a look.

Be lucky, Steve