County Championship decided

Congratulations to Gary Kenworthy for becoming Bedfordshire Champion. Final placings were as follows:-

Position Player Points (/6)
1 Gary Kenworthy 5
2 Steve Ledger 4.5
3 Paul Habershon 4
4 Peter Hunt 4
5 Eric Meichel 4
6 Brian Valentine 4
7 Graham Borrowdale 3.5
8 Adrian Elwin 3.5
9 Abhishek Pradhan 3.5
10 Kevin Williamson 3.5
11 Michael Botteley 3
12 Ben Cox 3
13 James Gardner 3
14 Adrian Matthews 2.5
15 Rob Whiteside 2.5
16 Richard Bodily 2
17 Toby Cox 2
18 Fred Dorn 2
19 Marc Obi 1.5
20 Richard McMorran 1
21 Karthik Ramesh 0

Richard Bodily, Richard McMorran and Marc Obi had to withdraw from the last two rounds.

Notes from the final two rounds by Paul Habershon:-

The top games on the morning of Sunday 13th May (Round 5) finished Kenworthy ½ – ½ Habershon and Ledger ½ – ½ Pradhan, though both Bedford players missed clear wins. The last round started with three players on 4/5: Kenworthy, Habershon, Hunt. I had already drawn with Peter Hunt so it had to be Hunt v Kenworthy and Habershon v Ledger (3½). Gary Kenworthy absorbed a lot of pressure and then won with a counter attack. This left me having to beat Steve to tie first. (See game) He could have done better early on with 14…h4 instead of 0-0, but I went on to achieve a winning position but lost my head in mutual time trouble. 31 Qxe5! looks so obvious in quiet contemplation, but I think we all recognise what can happen when the pressure is on. Not the first time that I have been swindled by Mr Ledger! He finished second on his own with 4.5 to Gary’s 5/6. They did not play each other.