Division 1 tense

Three division 1 games were played last night:-

Habershon 0-1 Ledger
Bodily 1-0 Botteley
Qarimi 1-0 Obi

This leaves Marc and Steve Ledger on 5 each with 1 and 2 games to play respectively.  Richard could still catch them but this seems a long shot.

The fight to avoid the drop is much more open!  Qais has shown Houdini like qualities, winning his last 3 games to assure safety (due to his high s-b).  Everybody else, bar Marc and Steve L could go down.  One scenario actually has 7 players in equal 3rd (or last!) place on 3.5, when a 3 way play off would be required to decide!

Still all to play for.

Divisions 2 and 3 still have a number of unplayed games.  Clearly illness and absence has affected them but there are still games that can be played.