Fixtures and Results 2017-18

Bedford Chess Club has four teams in the Bedfordshire League. Bedford A and Bedford B play in Division 1, Bedford C and Bedford D play in Division 2.

Bedford club and Bedford players also play in other events so I have tried to list other stuff that seems of interest, or might be relevant from a scheduling perspective – let me know if anything else should be added.  Click on the links for captains’ match reports and/or individual results.


Sun,10/09/17,Fleming Trophy,Buckinghamshire ,postponed,Bedfordshire

Thu,12-Oct-17, Beds League 1,Bedford B,2½-2½,Bedford A
Thu,19-Oct-17, Beds League 2,Bedford C,3½-1½,Bedford D
Thu,02-Nov-17, Beds League 2,Bedford D,1-4,Leighton Buzzard B
Thu,02-Nov-17, Beds League 2,Open University,3-2,Bedford C
Thu,09-Nov-17, Beds League 1,Bedford A,2-3,Leighton Buzzard A
Thu,09-Nov-17, Beds League 1,Milton Keynes B,2-3,Bedford B
Thu,16-Nov-17, Beds League 2,Open University,2-3,Bedford D
Thu,23-Nov-17, Beds League 1,Bedford A,2½-2½,Luton
Thu,23-Nov-17, Beds League 1,Milton Keynes A,2-3,Bedford B
Wed,29-Nov-17, Beds League 2,Northampton,4-1,Bedford D
Thu,30-Nov-17, Beds League 2,Milton Keynes C,3-2,Bedford C
Thu,07-Dec-17, Beds League 1,Bedford B ,2½-2½,Leighton Buzzaed A
Thu,07-Dec-17, Beds League 1,Milton Keynes A ,2½-2½,Bedford A
Thu,14-Dec-17, Beds League 2,Bedford C,3-2,Northampton
Tue,09-Jan-18, Beds League 2,Leighton Buzzard B,2½-2½,Bedford C
Thu,11-Jan-18, Beds League 1,Milton Keynes B ,4-1,Bedford A
Thu,18-Jan-18, Beds League 2,Bedford D,1-4,Milton Keynes C
Thu,25-Jan-18, Beds League 2,Bedford D,1-4,Bedford C
Thu,01 Feb 18, Beds League 1,Bedford B ,1½-3½,Luton
Thu,15-Feb-18, Beds League 1,Bedford A,3-2,Bedford B
Thu,22-Feb-18, Beds League 2,Bedford C,1-4,Open University
Tue,27-Feb-18, Beds League 1,Leighton Buzzard A,1-4,Bedford B

Tue,27-Feb-18, Beds League 2,Leighton Buzzard B,2½-2½,Bedford D
Mon,19-Mar-18, Beds League 1,Luton,1-4,Bedford A
Thu,22-Mar-18, Beds League 1,Bedford B,3½-1½,Milton Keynes A
Wed,28-Mar-18, Beds League 2,Northampton,1½-3½,Bedford C
Thu,29-Mar-18, Beds League 2,Bedford D,0-5,Open University

Sat/Sun, 7/8-Apr-18,ECF National Club,,,
Mon,09-Apr-18, Beds League 1,Luton ,2½-2½,Bedford B

Thu,12-Apr-18, Beds League 1,Bedford A,2½-2½,Milton Keynes B   REARRANGED 

Thu,12-Apr-18, Beds League 2,Bedford C,2-3,Leighton Buzzard B
Thu,19-Apr-18, Beds League 2,Bedford D,0-5,Northampton
Thu,19-Apr-18, Beds League 1,Bedford B ,3-2,Milton Keynes B
Tue,24-Apr-18, Beds League 1,Leighton Buzzard ,½-4½,Bedford A
Thu,26-Apr-18, Beds League 2,Bedford C,1½-3½,Milton Keynes C
Thu,03-May-18, Beds League 1,Bedford A,,Milton Keynes A
Thu,03-May-18, Beds League 2,Milton Keynes C,,Bedford D