GOTS final call

As the club AGM draws closer, the Game Of The Season competition becomes ever more tense! – ok, it doesn’t really but anyway, I’m doing my best. We have 13 games thus far which maybe viewed Games played by club members in the 2021-22 season – Bedford Chess Club, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, the important to the trivial, the accurate to the error-strewn and the brilliant to the hilarious – something for everyone in fact, tears and laughter etc.

However, there is still chance for late entries. The 13 games only feature 8 different winning/drawing players so that leaves plenty of you who still have the opportunity to share your brilliance, embarrassment, triumph or heartbreak with a wider audience. I will be taking entries until Sunday of this week (26th June) – don’t be shy – PGN is good but I will accept a bad photo of a scoresheet if I must.


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