Leighton Buzzard 3-2 Bedford D

  Home Team: Leighton Buzzard B   Away Team: Bedford D
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Brian J Valentine 162 0 1 Qais Karimi 159
2 Peter Taylor 156 1 0 John J Harbour 139
3 Adrian Matthews 156 1 0 Gerry Nolan 130e
4 C Fred H Dorn 142 1 0 Ben Pike 103
5 Thomas Evans 141 0 1 R David Cox 63
Played: 15/01/2019   3 2    

Leighton Buzzard away on a January school night doesn’t work for our youngsters, so thanks to Qais for filling the gap and also to Richard M for being willing to play if necessary.

In order of finishing…
Ben played a Benko-like sacrifice but I’m told was soon a rook down.
Gerry played well and slowly got the best of Adrian, before (his words) making a stupid move and losing.
David played the opening well then allowed his opponent too much space. Down in material, he kept the position complicated to take advantage of his opponent’s time shortage. This worked when Thomas’s flag fell.
I was outplayed in the opening, lost a pawn in the middle game, then had my hopes of holding the ending dashed.
Qais and Brian traded blows all night before Qais finally managed to achieve a R+P vs R ending. This he played confidently and pretty well perfectly (IMHO).