New-look Games Page

The website has a new-look games page from which a number of different options may be selected:-

  • Today – games played by Bedford Club players this season – all new games played in the league or club competitions very welcome
  • Yesterday – games played by Bedford Club players in seasons past – this recently includes an interesting “missed opportunity” for Alex and a number of Joe’s correspondence games – please add to the body of club games
  • Bedford games – notable games with a Bedford connection – Neil has contributed some but I’m sure more are available?
  • British chess masterpieces – Neil has selected 30 games that symbolise 200 years of British chess – he has annotated five so far with more to follow
  • Ravi’s corner – Ravi presents a series of interesting and educational games – the first one is published, more to follow
  • Mr Fletcher’s gambits – Neil considers gambits old and new – coming soon

Feedback on content to Steve or direct to Ravi or Neil as appropriate please!  Alternatively, any suggestions or contributions for new themes will be published! – thanks in anticipation