News from abroad

Many of you will probably recognise this smart young man who has just sent me a report as to his Christmas activities.

“I’d been having a bit of a break from chess recently after changing clubs in Germany and getting tired with Sunday matches, but I decided to get back into it around Christmas and I went to Stockholm to play in the Rilton Elo tournament. It turned out quite well! The report is in Swedish – but Google Translate isn’t that bad 😀

Have attached a link to the games, if you fancy a laugh (the game vs Uwe Arndt was particularly appalling but he somehow managed to lose in the end, and messed up an overwhelming position vs. Todorovic to then win again anyway – time trouble)

Please do give my regards to all!” – Patrick

The original report can be accessed here but the not-too-bad translation goes something like –

Goldsworthy defeated Rilton Elo in the final round

There was no Swedish victory in this year’s edition of Rilton Elo, although both Haroon Azizi and Hugo Wernberg before the final round had the opportunity to take home the victory. Wernberg, who had a very small chance of winning, played a quick rematch against American FM Alexander Betaneli and thus crowned his fantastic tournament where the 13-year-old not only took 7 points and 76 new Elopo points but also a ranking prize.

Thus, it was clear that the winner of the party between Azizi and Englishman Patrick Goldsworthy would be the winner of Rilton Elo and it eventually became Goldsworthy who rowed the party and one, given that he fought at the top the entire tournament and only released two remies, a lot well deserved tournament victory.

Goldsworthy scored 8 points on the nine rounds and had a full point down to a quintet of players who shared second place. After distinction, however, it was Betaneli who finished second before Azizi, Wernberg, the Greek Georgios Alexakis and 43rd ranked Filip Björkman who also stood for a fantastic performance and finished with a victory over second-ranked Dan Eriksson.”