Open University 3½-1½ Bedford D

  Home Team: Open University   Away Team: Bedford D
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Graham E Borrowdale 177 0.5 0.5 Qais Karimi 159
2 James NO’D Alexander 149 0.5 0.5 John J Harbour 139
3 Richard Keane 112 0.5 0.5 Richard McMorran 130E
4 Dominic Bartram 111 1 0 Gerry Nolan 130e
5 Paul Endersby 107 1 0 R David Cox 63
Played: 22/11/2018   3.5 1.5    

Qais maintained a small edge throughout against Graham Borrowdale, but was unable to convert it to the win he deserved.

The advantage ebbed and flowed in my game with James and I finished with a slight material advantage (RR+3 vs RB+4). I offered the draw when the match could no longer be saved.

The two Richards reached a position with an interlocking fence of pawns across the board and each playing in his own garden. I didn’t see the conclusion but the result was not a surprise.

Gerry won’t be repeating his opening, since allowing White to quickly establish a pawn on d6 didn’t work out well. The loss was all but inevitable.

David’s position looked fine early on, but when I next looked he was a pawn down with little compensation beyond a bit of pressure. He fought long and hard, but it was another inevitable result.