OU 4 Bedford C 1 March 3rd


Peter Clarke             1-0 Gerry Nolan

James Alexander    0-1 Giuseppe Valerio

Ray Holland             1-0 Peter Gill

George Ward          1-0 Nigel Staddon

Lau Gainspauling    1-0 Peter Housden


Another disaster, but Bedford C has definitely achieved its pre-season goal of avoiding promotion. It all started well, with everyone having reasonable-looking positions, but in quick succession Nigel and Peter H made unfortunate errors and that was the end for them. My game started ok, but I ended up with too many pawn weaknesses, resulting in losing one of them and that was all it took. Peter G had a very promising-looking attack, but then lost a couple of pawns and eventually the game. The one beacon of light in this general gloom was Joe’s game. He had a very blocked position with just pawns left, when it suddenly went wild. Both players ended up queening pawns, then swapping queens and Joe was able to queen a second pawn and win the game with just seconds left on the clock – a great result for him. I keep thinking that things can only get better and being regularly disappointed…



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