School of rock

Ben and Toby thought that these games may be of interest for the chess club website. They come from the Gibraltar International Junior Chess Festival, in which they have both just participated as part of the National Junior Chess Squad.

Ben’s game is a draw, against an opponent of ECF grade of 199. This is his biggest chess result to date.

Toby’s game is a win over a team of 4 GM’s (David Howell, Stuart Conquest, Pia Cramling, and Juan Bellon-Lopez) and an IM (Jovanka Houska), playing in relay against him in a “simultaneous event” [wow! – Ed]. This format probably comes under the category of “fun and interesting” rather than a game to be taken too seriously, but the club members may wish to see it nonetheless.

In the tournament itself, Toby scored 2.5/6 and Ben 2/6.

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