Bedford C ½-4½ Bedford D

Fine wins by Lucian, Callum and Gerry, a boring draw from me, and a win on time by Toby when he dropped a pawn and Joe needed more than the 15 seconds he had left to process this fact.

More details later if I anyone can think of anything interesting to say…


More fun in Greece

Steve reports:

Hope you all saw my magnificent swindle today (below-Ed) !? One very peed off Estonian who made me mate him with k+q V k. Not gone entirely to plan lately in a couple of bizarre matches. We drew with Grantham yesterday, 3 quiet draws on the top 3 then Dave won a right mess of a game, I recovered from an awful opening to even entertain winning thoughts then messed up a Q ending and got mated with 4Qs on the board (sorry Steve, thought we’d better see that as well ! ). Chris Duncan then proved the mantra of never give up / nobody ever won or drew a game by resigning by somehow drawing from -52 on Stockfish. Today was a nasty draw but our IMs halved out on the top 2 before Chris Duncan lost on time with 2.5 mins for move 40 in a decent position. This ultimately rendered my swindle academic and we went down 2.5-3.5. Norwegian team tomorrow who are losing even more rating points than we are !

Membership page

The membership page has been updated with all the  latest information.  Some updated distribution lists are also provided for the various teams and club competitions which you may find useful.

Any queries or observations, let me know – Ed

Blackthorne Russia progress

Steve reports from Greece:-

Managed to beat an Irish team yesterday though not as convincingly as it might have been. Luxembourg’s finest today who are a mixture of Serbs and Steve Dishman who I was playing in my uni days. Rest day for me. You’re not allowed to wear a watch let alone have a phone on you ! And everyone gets frisked with a metal detector when entering the playing hall …. yes, even Magnus, shame chess has come to that.

Ed – I found Steve’s game which I thought looked quite good!?

ECF appointment

As Paul reports, on Saturday, Adrian Elwin was elected Director of Home Chess just ahead of Tim Wall.  That makes two ECF officers from the Beds. League along with Brian Valentine in charge of Grading (can’t be a bad thing imho – Ed)

Maybe 2019!?

If you agree with Charlie the Chess Cat and I that we would really like to see more chess events in this area (and would enthusiastically support them if only we knew about them in advance), perhaps you could use whatever medium or influence you have to let 4NCL  know!

I realise that maybe they needed more GM’s or hotel guests or whatever and weren’t too bothered whether I pitched up or not but I’m sure we could have drummed up a bit of business and publicity between us.





European Club Cup

Steve Ledger offers the following which sounds very interesting:

I shall be be at the European Club Cup with my 4NCL team 11th to 19th October – see eurochess2018 for details.

Under ‘Participants’ you’ll see there are some “quite good” teams playing and the 1st round, especially, has the potential to be amusing as we are currently 35th of 62 teams.

If this stayed the same we would be playing Svidler and assorted 2700s, 1 board further down and it would be Magnus and his boys ( though he might not deign to play against us of course ).

Cordon trophy champions

Bedford A won the Cordon Trophy last night, scoring 13/16.  Captain Paul Habershon received the trophy from the arbiter Adrian Elwin who organised the competition with his usual aplomb.

When a “rusty” Steve Ledger contributes least to Bedford A (with a still respectable 2/4),  you know you will be competing for the prizes.  Mindaugas Beinoras (4/4), Paul Habershon and Richard Bodily (both with 3.5/4) made sure although Richard’s adjective to describe his own performance, despite swindling his way to 3.5, was apparently colourful.

Bedford B finished 5th with Toby Cox scoring 3.5/4, only drawing with Paul and beating Kevin Williamson.

Bedford C were 6th thanks mostly to Qais Karimi who scored 4/4 including wins against Steve’s Law and Ledger.

Bedford D were 7th with Alex Taylor scoring 3/4 on top board.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening, with 4 clubs fielding 8 teams, to launch what promises to be an interesting season.

Detailed results maybe found here.

Chess Olympiad

The 43rd Chess Olympiad comprising open and women’s tournaments is being held in Batumi, Georgia, from 23 September to 6 October 2018.

The total number of participants is 1,667, with 920 in the Open and 747 in the Women’s event. The number of registered teams is 185 from 180 nations in the Open section and 151 from 146 nations in the Women’s section.

The best place to watch it, I think, is the official website.