Competitions 2017-18

There are  three main club tournaments, Divison 1,  Division 2 and  Division 3 and a less formal Open competition.  The time control for Divisions 1, 2 and 3 is the same as the Beds League.   The time control for the Open should be the same if possible but may be shorter as long as it is as least 61 minutes per player.

The various recent rule clarifications made over recent seasons (including the new amendment regarding how to deal with additional division 1 places) may be found here.  This includes the new time control.

In July, various light-hearted events are held, the exact format of which are decided upon nearer the time.

Sonneborn-Berger scores for Divisions 1 to 3 will be displayed once at least half the games of a given competition have been played.

Recent updates appear in blue. 

Championships, promotions and relegations are shown as they become evident.

A ‘?’ indicates that it is believed that the game has been played but the result is unknown.

Any mistakes or updates, please reply below or let Joe or me know – Ed.


Division One QK SP SL MB OO PH AT NC RB ns Ʃ
Qais Karimi   0 0 0    0  ½ 1    2.75
Steve Pike 1   0 1 0   ½      ½  6.00 3
Steve Ledger  1 1   ½ ½         7.00  3
Mike Botteley 1 0 ½     ½       4.25  2
Okwose Marc Obi   1 ½     1 ½     7.75  3
Paul Habershon  1  ½   ½ 0      ½ 0 5.00  2½
Alex Taylor  ½       ½     0 ½ 3.50 
Nick Collacott 0          ½ 1   ½ 4.00  2
Richard Bodily    ½       1 ½ ½   5.75 
October 2017 SP v QK MB v PH RB v NC OO v AT
November 2017 MB v SL QK v RB PH v OO NC v AT
December 2017 RB v SP SL v OO QK v AT PH v NC
January 2018 OO v MB AT v SP NC v SL PH v QK
February 2018 AT v RB MB v NC SP v PH QK v SL
March 2018 NC v OO RB v PH MB v QK SL v SP
April 2018 AT v PH QK v OO SL v RB SP v MB
May 2018 NC v QK SL v AT OO v SP RB v MB
June 2018 PH v SL SP v NC AT v MB OO v RB



Division Two PG NS BC GV RW JH MJ RM …. ns Ʃ
Peter Gill   ½  ½  ½  ½          3.50 2
Nigel Staddon ½    1      ½   1    6.00 3
Ben Cox ½ 0       0   0    1.00 ½
Giuseppe Valerio  ½       0     0    1.00 ½
Robert Walker  ½     1   1 ½ 0    3.75 3
John Harbour    ½ 1   0      ½     3.75 2
Michael Joseph         ½          1.50 ½
Richard McMorran   0  1  1 1  ½        5.00 3½
October 2017 RW v GV MJ v GA JH v BC NS v PG
November 2017 NS v RM PG v BC GA v JH RW v MJ
December 2017 BC v NS GA v RM PG v RW GV v JH
January 2018 MJ v GV JH v RW PG v GA RM v BC
February 2018 MJ v JH GV v PG RM v RW GA v NS
March 2018 BC v GA RW v NS GV v RM PG v MJ
April 2018 JH v PG RM v MJ NS v GV BC v RW
May 2018 RW v GA GV v BC MJ v NS JH v RM
June 2018 RM v PG NS v JH BC v MJ GA v GV



Division Three DM TL TC NW RP CS BP DC MM ns Ʃ
Diego Alvarez Merino              1      1.00 1
Tony Lawrence     0 0       0 1  0.00 1
Toby Cox   1    0 1        1  1.00 3
Nigel Walker   1  1         1 1  5.00 4
Robin Pound     0              0.00 0
Callum Shields              1  1    2.00 2
Ben Pike 0          0   1    1.00 1
David Cox   1   0    0 0      1.00 1
Mac McKenzie    0 0 0            0.00 0
October 2017 TL v DC MM v NW TC v RP CS v DM
November 2017 DM v BP CS v RP TC v MM NW v DC
December 2017 DM v RP BP v MM CS v DC TC v TL
January 2018 TL v NW DC v TC MM v CS RP v BP
February 2018 NW v TC TL v CS DC v BP DM v MM
March 2018 RP v MM DC v DM BP v TL NW v CS
April 2018 CS v TC BP v NW TL v DM DC v RP
May 2018 MM v DC RP v TL NW v DM TC v BP
June 2018 BP v CS DM v TC RP v NW MM v TL



Mike Botteley   1   0           1         2
Marc Obi 0                           0
Ben Pike       1                     1
Qais Karimi
1   0           1           2
Tony Lawrence           0            0 0   0
David Cox         1                  0 1
Nigel Staddon               0 0           0
Toby Cox             1   0           1
Richard McMorran       0     1 1   ½ 1 1    
Ben Cox 0               ½           ½
Mac McKenzie                 0           0
Rob Walker          1       0           1
Lucian Cox         1                   1
Giuseppe Valerio           1                 1

In the Open, any member of the club may challenge another – new entrants, simply add your name to the table to find out what colours you should play. Games are graded provided the time control affords at least 61 minutes for each player although the same control as the three divisions is encouraged.


Recent rule clarifications for division 1, 2 and 3

  1. (2014) Provided BOTH players agree, the time control will be 75 minutes for the first 35 moves (as previously) followed by 15 minutes for the rest of the game (as previously) with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move 36.     Alternatively, the 30 second increment phase may start when one player’s clock completes the first 75 minutes.   If either option is taken, a full score MUST be kept during the second period, even during the last 5 minutes on the clock. (superseded – see 8 below)
  2. (2014) All players MUST play at least two games in their division by the end of the calendar year. Note (2015), as far as possible, these should be actual games, not byes or defaults.
  3. (2015) Should a player complete less than half of their games during the season, they will be removed from the tournament and any games played will be scratched as far as the tournament is concerned (but will still count for grading) – for clarity, this may happen during the season if it is clear to the tournament controller that this is inevitable.
  4. (2015) Should a player complete at least half of their games during the season, their games will stand but any unplayed games will (at the discretion of the tournament controller) be scored as losses.
  5. (2015) In particular, if a division 1 player is removed from the tournament for playing none or less than half of their games, they will take one of the relegation places.
  6. (2015) Should players tie for points at the end of the season, the relative Sonneborn-Berger (or more accurately Neustadtl) scores will determine places for the purpose of promotion, relegation and titles.
  7. (2016) Once the 2 demotion and promotion places are settled, if because of withdrawal a further place or places arises, the place(s) will be filled by further promotion(s) from Div 2 of the next placed player(s) not by saving Div 1 players from demotion.
  8. (2016) The incremental time limit (35 moves in 70 minutes + 10 minutes for remaining moves, with 10 second increment from move 1) will be used, the 10 minutes will be programmed to be added when one of the clocks first reaches zero (i.e. after 70 minutes).  This will be mandatory in Division 1, 2 and 3 and encouraged in the Open.  Instructions for setup on the clubs clocks are as follows:-
  • If you scroll to Mode 21 you should see each clock showing 1:10 (= 1h 10m, but there is actually a 10 second increment hidden in there as well). A further 10 second increment will be automatically added after every move you play right up to the end of the game. No action is needed after Black’s 35th move – you just need to make sure that 35 moves have been played before the first clock gets down to zero. A black ‘flag’ will temporarily appear when that happens, to cover the rare cases when you need to know who got to zero first. As soon as the first clock reaches zero, ten minutes are automatically added to each clock and you must complete the rest of the moves in your remaining time. You still get the 10-second increments. A black flag will appear again if someone loses on time.
  • For the Open Tournament, Mode 21 is also encouraged but you can play a shorter form.  A minimum of 61 minutes is required for grading. Mode 18 has been set to 61 minutes (1:01) (+10-second increments) for the whole game.

An amended guide to changing dgt settings may be seen  here.