Game of the Season 2018-19

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i. Bedford Championship decider

In a thrilling final game Steve Ledger needed only to draw with Richard Bodily to clinch the Bedford Chess Club Championship.  After missing a good line in the middle game Steve found himself in a losing endgame. As usual he defended stoutly and in the end it was the clock that forced Richard to repeat moves and agree a draw. Preliminary analysis by Fritz strongly suggests that Richard maintained a winning advantage right to the end, but the correct line from the final position involves a bold piece sacrifice to force through the K-side united passed pawns.

ii. “Not a turgid grind …

Steve ledger plays expansive chess in the last two rounds of the county championship!

iii. … nor an endgame swindle”

“This was a right mess, ending in an amusing king hunt …..….. though it would have been better if I’d sacrificed a few pieces to get his K right up the board (!) “

iv. Match winning performance

Qais wins his game which gives Bedford B a winning end to the season.

v. Kingside attacks are quicker

Ravi scores a full point to help Bedford A beat MK.

vi. James shares top spot in EACU Championship

Our own James Gardener continued his impressive season by sharing first place, with John Anderson and Graham Moore, at the EACU Closed Championship.

He shares a couple of his games.

vii. EACU success

Another winning game from James.

viii. Exploiting pawn weaknesses

Mindaugus demonstrates.

xi. If you can’t castle…

Richard makes the most of a direct attack against the Sicilian.

x. Collacott’s legacy

A number of players commented that they could “retire happily from chess” if they emulated Nick’s achievement here.

xi. Two mad clergymen

An entertaining encounter

xii. Not quite immortal

You know what its like when you sac a rook and knight and go on to a famous victory? – no, nor do I but so nearly …!?

Many thanks to Qais for provoking me into the attack, defending well and missing his own chances!

xiii. Ruthless punishment

Well done to Toby for another fine win. His opponent makes a couple of mistakes and is ruthlessly punished for them.

xiv. Clinical on derby top board

Marc faced the daunting prospect of facing Mindaugas on board 1. A Benoni opening saw Marc press on the queenside and a very adventurous venture forward by his queen. Mindaugas clinically wove a net around the monarch and successfully trapped it, winning the game (see below, apologies Marc! – Ed)

xv. Getting tense in division 1

Championship hopeful Marc has a serious challenge from relegated Robert – no easy games in division 1!