Games played by club members in years past

As Neil who annotates the following game points out, “The game of your life needn’t be one that you win.” This game was played shortly after Andy Ledger won the International Master title and indeed about this time in a tournament at Port Erin, Isle of Man, he gained one of the two grandmaster norms he needed for the GM title . So, facing Andy in the Bedford club championship, one could reasonably expect to get massacred!?


As Alex observes, some games embody  the psychology of the game:  “Here, all was going well until move 20, when I overlooked a check, which made me miss the big chance two moves later!”


Some of Joe’s memorable correspondence games:-






An entertaining tussle in Division 2 in January 2013 – getting your King caught in the centre can be unfortunate, as Black discovers here.


A miniature from a B-team match played in April 2013 – once in a while, if White plays actively and Black doesn’t, the game can be over almost before it’s begun!