Games played by club members in the 2019-20 season

17. Steve’s “reasonably decent” game

Having played Kevin many, many times over the years I’d hoped to have a bit of time to have a quick look at some of his pet openings that we have had theoretical battles in over the years but didn’t get the chance so decided to play something I’d never played before …

16. Acting captain leads by example

Paul avenges a last season loss.

15. Match winner

Ravi’s game was the last to finish – it entertained the crowd and secured the points for Bedford A.

14. Weaknesses exploited

On board three James took on Adrian Elwin. Early on in an exchange Slav, James Qb6 attacking the b2 pawn should have been met by sacrificing it with an equal game, possibly even a white advantage but in defending it, weaknesses were created and Adrian had to let the exchange go. There was no way back from there and James finished very nicely (see game below).

13. Chances missed

Marc played well but missed a final missing opportunity.

12. Irresistable pressure

Steve wins with characteristic efficiency.

11. Pawn race

Ravi entertains again.

10. Which side to castle

Ravi shows it is important to choose wisely.

9. Pretty play

Richard sacrifices with style.

8. Wildness on the bottom board

Andy keeps his nerve to win the match.

7. Fortune favours the brave

Richard shows great foresight.

6. Attacking flair

James shows why activity is key

5. Heroic top board play

Qais takes on the best with some disticntion.

3. Draw offers should be taken seriously

Alex holds his nerve against a strong opponent.

3. Decisive derby action.

The decisive game in the AvB fixture was the Board 2 clash between Alex and Paul.

2. Another great debut

Half an hour or so into the C v D derby match, there was some interest in board 5 – Andy had trapped Callum’s queen! – I publish a bit of the game below (sorry Callum) – this is clearly not going to be the only match Andy plays for the club. Callum struggled on gamely but the damage was done.

1. Roller coaster in Bedford derby.

I think I got a bit carried away with my pawns in the opening and Darren probably had it all under control the entire time but I (and even Fritz right up until about move 48) felt the game was in the balance. Either way, it was a great start to Darren’s Bedford career.