Games played by club members in the 2021-22 season

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    Division 1 action

    James and Richard take it to the wire.

    Ledgers in Prague

    Steve Ledger and his brothers played at the Prague International Chess Festival. He had an especially good win in the first round against a strong Polish FM.

    Never give up

    Marc shows a never say die attitude!

    County championship final round action

    Paul makes the most of some good fortune in an interesting final round game

    Evan steps up

    Evan plays board 1 for the D team against the county captain – good things happen!

    Evan Lewis, May 4th 2022

    Marc holds firm

    Marc faces the might of Gary Kenworthy and almost scores the full point.

    Toby at the EACU Championships

    Toby beats an IM and makes Chess Magazine’s “Find the Winning Move”.

    County action

    James represents the county against Cambridgeshire with distinction.

    Black to decline a draw and lose

    Mr Ledger plays in the London League …

    When I first craned my neck over my captain’s shoulder to see who I was playing I thought his name was Dimitri thus, instantly, adding 100 points to his playing strength. I was quite relieved to see it was actually Dimitrios, which sounded Greek to me, so I settled down at
    the board to spend 5 minutes trying to mentally subtract 700 from 2066 and divide by 7.5 to work out his proper grade and then try to recall my record against Greeks. A strange calm came over me as I settled on “about 180” and decided I’d beaten a Greek at Hastings in the mid 1990’s and so was somehow destined to win (am I the only one who thinks such irrational thoughts ?).

    I had much the better of a draw against a Mongolian IM, again at Hastings in the mid 1990’s, and duffed up a Mexican 200 at the 4NCL a few years back so am desperate to play a compatriot of either, conversely I think I’m 0 from 2 against Albanians and so dread facing one ever again ). Anyway, some chess ….

    Short and sweet

    Here’s a vignette from Ramsey (sorry George).

    Bashing the Benko

    Evan show the importance of knowing sharp openings thoroughly!

    Age is no barrier

    Ramsey’s first over the board game at the club goes well…

    Fun with the Morra

    This top board encounter from the CvD derby displays plenty of early season post-lockdown blunders!

    Paul at the British Over 65

    A convincing victory from Paul’s successful British campaign.