OU v Bedford D

Home Team: Open University
Away Team: Bedford D
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 George Ward 147 0 1 Richard Bodily 140e
2 Aidar Talibzhanov 143 1 0 John Harbour 141
3 Mark Wasserberg 132 1 0 Gerry Nolan 141e
4 Richard Keane 120 0 1 Callum Shields 123
5 David Phillips 114 1 0 Ben Pike 80e
Date Played: 13/03/2014 3 2
  • Ben played a solid opening and looked fine until he dropped a couple of pawns. When Dave forced the queens off it was all over.
  • Callum played a fine game, and finished it off with a neat rook sacrifice to force mate.
  • Gerry’s game looked under control until he swapped two minor pieces for rook and pawn. Mark’s extra piece proved stronger than Gerry’s passed pawn.
  • John was solid but short of space after the opening but then allowed Aidar to push his queen into a corner. It never got out again!
  • Richard was better against George, though over 30 minutes behind on the clock as George played rapidly as usual. Then Richard dropped a piece to a fork, but managed to push a pawn to the 7th as compensation. In a wild and exciting finish George tried to find a mate, and in doing so underestimated the threat to his own king.