13th February – Bedford D v Kents Luton

Richard achieved a fine draw with black against Andrew Perkins. Callum scored the best win of his chess career against Michael Joseph, again with black. Gerry drew against Pete Montgomery, fending off what looked like strong pressure the one time I glanced at his game.

Mark left his king looking a bit lonely against John Kelly and suffered the consequences. I (John H) won a piece on move 10 in a King’s Gambit – then it all went wrong. A series of backwards moves put me under pressure, then I spotted a line that led to mate on f7. At the end of this I picked up the f7 pawn, and realised that my rook on h8 was not going to defend my queen. Qxf7+??, Kxf7, white resigns.

Home Team: Bedford D Away Team: Kents Luton
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Richard T Bodily 140e 0.5 0.5 Andrew Perkins 188
2 John J Harbour 141 0 1 Damon D’Cruz 156
3 Callum T Shields 123 1 0 Michael Joseph 152
4 Gerry Nolan 110e 0.5 0.5 Pete Montgomery 145
5 Mark Schofield 114 0 1 John F Kelly 122
Date Played: 16/01/2014 2 3