A team win comfortably

A fairly comfortable win for Bedford A against a heavily outrated Leighton Buzzard B team, aided by a no show from LB’s board 5 so a wasted evening for Nick, unfortunately.

BoardHomeBedford ALeighton Buzzard BAway
1 (B)2097Ledger, Stephen C1 – 0Valentine, Brian J1959
2 (W)2088Gardner, James½ – ½Matthews, Adrian MS1833
3 (B)2085Arulnandhy, Ravi1 – 0Woodward, Ian P1800
4 (W)1978Habershon, Paul F1 – 0Dorn, C Fred H1746
5 (B)1971Collacott, Nick1 – 0N Default0000
Total102194½ – ½Total7338

I didn’t see a lot of the other games but gather James’s game (below) was a bit of a mess where he got his Q trapped but manage to get a fair amount of material for it and the game eventually ended in a repetition. I saw Ravi’s game end in a flurry of moves with the final one forcing the win for Ravi. Paul had a slight plus for throughout the opening then Black blundered at move 24 (see below).

Steve Ledger, 23rd March 2024

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