Bedford A v MK A

Great 4-1 win for the A team to keep their title hopes (and the B team’s third place aspirations!) alive.
Notes by Paul:-

  • Ravi was first to win. Borrowdale gave up a pawn for active play which seemed only to expose his own K side.
  • Bd 1 got into a major piece ending where Steve neutralised pressure on his f7 pawn and eventually drew when it came down to a rook and pawns each.
  • I won a pawn on Bd 2 going into a rook and minor piece ending, but my bishop wasn’t working as well as his knight and a draw was agreed, fine for me as Ravi had already won and we were up on the bottom two boards.
  • Nick somehow got to be an exchange up and hung on to it before returning it for a won knight ending. A frantic time scramble ended with Nick delivering mate with his flag already ‘down’ (do we say ‘showing’ for a digital clock?!). Possibly Adrian could have previously claimed a win on time as he still had a pawn on the board. see game
  • I was down in the bar when Peter Gill came down to say there was a dispute on Bd 5, apparently involving inability to add two minutes to a clock. Luckily my technical expertise was not called on because Adrian Elwin, a qualified arbiter of course, had already sorted it all. The position by then was a trivial win for Michael and he had enough time. I remember seeing some tightwire tactics in the middlegame.
Home Team: Milton Keynes A Away Team: Bedford A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Graham Smith 182 0.5 0.5 Steven C Ledger 188
2 Richard Freeman 187 0.5 0.5 Paul F Habershon 191
3 Graham Borrowdale 180 0 1 Ravi Arulnandhy 183
4 Adrian Elwin 169 0 1 Nick P Collacott See game 167
5 David Martinez-Willena 174 0 1 Michael Botteley 165
Date Played: 13/03/2014 1 4