3rd March – Kents Luton v Bedford D

Home Team: Kents Luton Away Team: Bedford D
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Andrew Perkins 188 0.5 0.5 Richard T Bodily 140e
2 Michael Joseph 152 0 1 John J Harbour 141
3 Pete Montgomery

145 0 1 Gerry Nolan
see game
4 Marek Gladysz 142 0.5 0.5 Callum T Shields 123
5 Samir Vora 140 1 0 Ben Pike 80e
Date Played: 03/03/2014 2 3

Captain John’s notes – in approximate finishing order:-

  • Callum and Marek swapped off some pieces and agreed a draw
  • Ben played the Morra Gambit against Samir but got distracted on the Kingside when the c file was begging to be owned
  • Gerry planted a bishop on d6 early on, and Pete’s position was horrible from then on see game
  • Richard had no real problems against Andrew’s Sicilian and agreed a draw an exchange up with just four minutes left on his clock
  • Michael and I manoeuvred patiently (at one point he played Nf3-e1-d3-c1-b3 – I thought it was better placed on f3). At the first time control we had exchanged just three pairs of pawns, and we entered the blitz finish in a complicated middle game position. We both missed chances (Fritz has him as +6 immediately before the move that allowed me to win a piece) and his final mistake was to resign when we both had a minute left and I could easily have lost on time trying to mate him.

So Luton suffered their first defeat of the season. Up the Ds!!