4NCL online

For those that are interested, 4NCL games can be viewed online on a Tuesday evening (there are 3 rounds left). 3 Bedford members are taking part for MK Phoenix teams 1 and 2, James Gardner, Toby Cox and Lucian Cox.

To view the games, go to https://www.4ncl.co.uk/ and then to online and individual pairings which will be announced at around 6.30 every Tuesday. There is a link attached to each paring from which the game can be viewed.

I believe there are other ways to watch. Danny Gormally who is top board for Steve Ledger’s team Blackthorne Russia actually commentates on his game as it progresses! You can find that at https://www.twitch.tv/elgransenor12/

Please share more thoughts on this by replying to this post.

Take care, Steve