B team gain important point

The B Team hosted Milton Keynes B, still looking for points to avoid relegation. The fixture earlier in the season has seen the sides draw and another close match was anticipated.

Marc played the From gambit in response to Richard’s opening f4 and seemed to have more than adequate compensation for the pawn. Richard’s pieces were very cramped, but he was able to hold on and the game was drawn.

My game against Francesca proved a little hairy. Out of the opening I stood worse and had to rely on pressure on the open h file to counter the pawn grabbing on the queenside. Eventually I managed to regain my pawns and simply to a drawn endgame.

Steve played actively against Rob and tried to launch a kingside attack. Rob equalised and seemed to have a bit of pressure in the endgame, but eventually the position was blockaded and peace terms were agreed.

Qais seemed to have a cramped but compact position. However, eventually he dropped the exchange, which proved crucial as his opponent simplified into a won endgame, despite Qais’s valiant attempts to hold the game.

James was left with the task of winning his game in order to tie match. In the middle game he created a lot of pressure and at one point it looked like he could break through. Some good defence by his opponent led to a rook and pawn ending which looked unpromising for James, until a mistake allowed him to create a passed pawn on the kingside which allowed him to clear the queenside and force through a pawn.

Overall result was therefore 2.5 -2.5, meaning that all Bedford A and B matched against Milton Keynes this season were drawn! A valuable point earned which increases our survival hopes.