Bedford A beat Luton comfortably

1Mindaugas Beinoras22910Andrew Perkins194
2Steven C Ledger18610Damon D’Cruz152
3Paul F Habershon1800.50.5Pete Montgomery138
4Richard T Bodily17810Marek Gladysz135
5Qais Karimi15910Humayun Mirza100e
Played: 14/03/19

Bedford A dispatched a heavily outgraded Luton side, but need to win their last two matches against MKA and Leighton Buzzard A to have any hope of winning the League.

Board 4 was the first game to finish. It was quite double edged but Richard prevented the Black king from castling and won nicely (see game below). Qais came in for the unavailable Andy Chapman and duly won, making it 4/4 as a sub for the A team this season.

I won a pawn against Pete Montgomery but failed to convert after allowing some spirited counterplay in the ending. Next Steve clinched the match with a breakthrough when Damon was short of time.

Last to finish was Board 1 where Mindaugas gave a masterly demonstration of pressure against pawn weaknesses. Game below.