Bedford A Clinch Third

Home Team: Bedford A                Away Team: Milton Keynes A

Board    Name    Grade   Score     Score     Name    Grade

1              Steven C Ledger 190         0.5          0.5          Gary Kenworthy                 202

2              Michael T Botteley          178         0.5          0.5          Graham E Borrowdale 193

3              Paul F Habershon             177         0.5          0.5          Graham Smith     188

4              Raymon Gompelman     173         1              0              Adrian G Elwin     183

5              Andrew J Chapman         175         0              1              Eric Meichel                      158

                                                                  2.5   2.5

Played: 03/05/18

Bedford A clinched 3rd place in the league with this hard fought draw. (W3 D5 L2 for 11 points out of 20). Milton Keynes A, like Bedford A, finished below their B Team. Steve Ledger easily held Gary Kenworthy’s closed treatment of the Sicilian while Mike Botteley, just returned from holiday, did well to hold a position with a slightly worse bishop. I was in serious trouble on Board 3 but managed to squirm my way to a drawn minor piece ending where my knight and king were active enough to neutralise Graham’s bishop. Raymon’s impressive win from a less than promising position is given below. This left Andy needing a draw to win the match, but his position looked dire and he was behind on the clock. Eric Meichel had his spectating captain, Gary Kenworthy, in anguish as he missed some killer blows. However, his position was so superior that he simplified into an easily won knight ending with a passed a pawn.

                                                                                                               Paul Habershon 3rd May 2018

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  1. The main problem for black after the exchange (after 17. Kd2) was that the bishop was not doing anything useful. I was able to build up a bit of an attack on the queen side. I think that black should have tried to move the bishop to the queen side (Bg6, Bd8) to neutralise any possible attack.

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