Bedford A disappoint against MK

A rather disappointing start to the new season as we lost 1.5 – 3.5 to a strong Milton Keynes Team ( nominally MK B but actually their first team ).

My thanks to Ramsey for stepping in when Nick Collacott was not available and to Mahmoud for transporting most of the team to/from MK.

My own game needed plenty of thought so I didn’t see much of the other games but garnered from a few chats after the match (in finishing order) : 

Ramsey thought he was doing well but Rob Whiteside found a way to force most of the pieces off and a draw was agreed.

Paul’s was a fairly miserable game 🙁-

Ravi was doing very well but went astray and got mated.

James was mostly on the defensive but held on to draw.

My own game fluctuated a little. A miserable use of the white pieces and I managed to lose a pawn after 15 moves though did have 2Bs for 2Ns. 

I tried to open things up to make my Bs more effective but Eoin kept it fairly closed and eventually gave up his 2Ns for a R+2 pawns. This nearly backfired, especially when I won an exchange as the game speeded up in the allegro. A draw was agreed when I had circa 1 minute to his 3 when I was a bishop for 3 pawns up (?).

The metal monster suggests I may have been winning right near the end as I could have put black in virtual zugswang.

BoardHomeMilton Keynes BBedford AAway
1 (B)2090Tweeddale, Eoin½ – ½Ledger, Stephen C2097
2 (W)2063Bartram, Dominic½ – ½Gardner, James2088
3 (B)1952Elwin, Adrian G1 – 0Arulnandhy, Ravi2085
4 (W)1946Smith, Graham1 – 0Habershon, Paul F1978
5 (B)1917Whiteside, Robert½ – ½Dairi, Ramsey1821
Total99683½ – 1½Total10069

Ravi V Adrian Elwin ( hopefully I’ve deciphered Ravi’s doctor-like handwriting correctly ! ).

Ravi doing very nicely until it all goes pear-shaped around Move 26.

Position right near the end of Ledger – Tweeddale   ( this is what chessbase ‘copy game’ gives me if you can convert to a position … starts from the 8th, white in capitals )

The game now ended 47. Re5+  Kd6  48. Re1  Kc5  Draw Agreed.  However, if white plays 47. Re1 straightaway then B is in a sort of Zugzwang (!) 

Steve Ledger, 3rd November 2023

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