Bedford A narrowly miss out

Leighton Buzzard ABedford A
1Evgeny Tukpetov20701Mindaugas Beinoras229
2Stephen Law17701Steven C Ledger186
3Peter C Clarke18510Paul F Habershon180
4Andy Tinker17610Ravi Arulnandhy169
5Peter Hunt1750.50.5Richard T Bodily178

Disappointment for Bedford A in the league decider which we had to win. We went two and a half points up very quickly with wins for Mindaugas and Steve and a draw on 5 for Richard, so just a draw was needed from Boards 3 and 4. Ravi succumbed first when his preferred active play did not succeed. This left me supposedly to play a captain’s innings but I could not counter Peter Clarke’s accurate play in an ending where his knight was much superior to my bishop and eventually lost on time in a resignable position (see game). The tiny consolation is that the drawn match guarantees 2nd place above Milton Keynes A. Paul Habershon

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