Bedford A slip up


Home Team: Milton Keynes B Away Team: Bedford A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Richard CP Freeman 181 0 1 Mindaugas Beinoras 229
2 Francesca Matta 178 0 1 Steven C Ledger 186
3 Phillip Ekhaesomi 166 1 0 Richard T Bodily 178
4 Peter Edwards 160e 0.5 0.5 Paul F Habershon 180
5 Robert Whiteside 160 1 0 Andrew J Chapman 169
2.5 2.5
Played: 24/01/19
Bedford A slipped up again and were indeed lucky to draw the match. First to finish was Mindaugas whose central control proved too much for Richard when short of time. Mindaugas was then dismayed to see his four colleagues under time pressure and with poor positions. On Board 3 Richard at first seemed to have better development but once his opponent had untangled his pieces it was Richard whose king was more exposed and he reached a lost Q and N v Q and N ending two pawns down. On Board 5 Andy had a promising position but once the ending came his pawns were scattered  and weak. So we were 1-2 down with my game looking dire and Steve at best level in a rook ending after being a pawn up for most of the game. However, my opponent missed the killer punch (see game) and in the ending I even declined a draw in a level position in the hope of something good happening with both of us short of time. Eventually I thought I’d better not push my luck, agreed a draw, and then was delighted to see Steve pull off yet another trademark swindle with each side down to a rook and one pawn each. Steve’s h pawn was motoring and Francesca’s f pawn was going nowhere. Indeed the pawn soon fell and Francesca would have had to give up her rook when Steve’s pawn queened.
Paul Habershon