Bedford C can’t mask their good form

 Home Team: Milton Keynes C   Away Team: Bedford C 
1George Ward1759e01Robert S Walker1758
2Colin Solloway159310Richard McMorran1653
3John McKeon158501Giuseppe Valerio1728
4Michael Page1600e0.50.5Peter S Gill1728
5Steven Wayne130801Callum T Shields1660
Played: 20/01/22     

The elderly members of the C Team (plus Callum) made their way to the Open University to take on Milton Keynes C.  We were all required to sign in confirming compliance with the MK/OU protocol (clear lateral flow test on the day or fully vaccinated) and to wear masks. There were many familiar faces which we had not seen for 2 years – reassuringly from what we could see behind the masks none of them looked any different!

Callum on Board 5 was up against newcomer Steven Waine. Callum has a sharp eye for a tactic. I glanced at his game after a few minutes and was alarmed to see he had already lost his Knight. On closer inspection it was clear that he had sacked the Knight for  a check on h7 and mate was inevitable.

I’m a bit hazy on which was the next game to finish. Mine was a short-lived affair against another new MK member Michael Page. It took only 3 moves before I got into a muddle and having decided I would play Nc6 I found myself playing d6 by mistake, landing myself with an unappetising, stodgy position that I have never played before. Flustered I soon settled for an early and very tame draw, much to Joe’s derision.  

On top board Robert was playing George Ward, and was able to win a pawn early on in a Ruy Lopez. That proved to be no more than an hors d’oeuvre when having established a dominant pawn centre he sacrificed a Rook to gobble up George’s King.

Joe had promised Shirl (aka Shirley) as we arrived that he would not lose on time. He was as good as his word. He established a big position winning a pawn and the exchange before giving John McKeon the choice between mate or loss of a rook.

So the match was won but Richard and Colin Solloway were still in a middle game. At 9.30 pm, after 20 moves, neither had lost a single piece when Richard launched what looked like an overwhelming attack on Colin’s King. For several moves Richard seemed to be spoilt for choice but over and over again Colin found what seemed to be the only move to avoid catastrophe and Richard could not quite land the killer blow. As the dust settled with material much reduced on both sides, attention turned to Colin’s advanced central pawns which Richard had neglected in pursuit of his attack – they were fatal. I suspect by now Richard will have discovered the winning line he could not quite find on the night.

So –  played 2 won 2. Next week we are back at the OU to play the OU team. 

Peter Gill, 21st January 2022

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  1. Any chance of the game scores, even if unannotated? Most of those games sound very interesting.
    And congratulations to Mr Gill for catching up Mr Valerio in the rating stakes…

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