Bedford D 1 – 4 Milton Keynes C

Home Team: Bedford D Away Team: Milton Keynes C
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Qais Karimi 140 0.5 0.5 Alan Heath 152
2 John Harbour 138 0 1 Colin Solloway 133
3 Ben Cox 129 0 1 Dave Wells 133
4 Toby Cox 112 0.5 0.5 John McKeon 121
5 Robin Pound 91 0 1 Geir Erik Nielsen 116
1 4
Played: 18/01/2018

Qais looked under pressure a pawn down in the middle game, but comfortably held out for the draw.

I was in the process of winning a pawn when I played two moves in the wrong order and lost a piece instead.

Ben fought hard in a difficult position, with no reward.

Toby played well and probably should have won. A pawn up in a R+P endgame he had the worse rook so John was able to force a draw.

Robin was a pawn down with a restricted bishop, but with queens on the board he had chances. After the queens were swapped off he had none.

All in all, not the D team’s finest hour. Better luck next time!


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  1. I don’t know which pressure are you talking about ?

    I Sacrifice a pawn to be in charge on the board he had no choices except forcing checks that I should accept the draw . I was winning def if there was not the check reparations
    How ever best wishes for the future to all

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