Bedford D first victory of the season

 Bedford D   Open University  
1Steve C Pike184010Dave Wells1705 
2Evan Lewis174610Steven Wayne1308 
3Theo Jenkins15760.50.5David Phillips1352 
4Lucian Cox153701Luke Singleton1318 
5Ramsey Dairi 10David Webber1300e 
Played: 09/12/21      

Being older than the sum of my team mates’ ages is a new one for me(!) but I am enjoying it a lot (although I’m sure our captain Andy will be playing in 2022). After losing our first match against the C team, we were eager to get our first victory against the Open University.

From where I sat, I could witness Evan’s game first hand and it didn’t last very long. I was aware that his opponent had played the Benko and then next time I looked Evan had a bishop on e7 supported by a pawn on d6 against an un-castled king! Mate was inevitable – see below for an entertaining vignette.

My own game was far more prosaic. I still haven’t got a decent defence against d4 so David Wells managed to get a favourable endgame, Q+2R+6 each (but my d pawn isolated) after only 17 moves. Unfortunately for David, he must have been watching too much Nepo as he managed to blunder one his rooks on move 19 – an early Christmas present for me, 2-0.

I didn’t see a lot of Ramsey’s game in detail but he did seem to be up against it for quite a while, down material from what I recall. However, it seems his opponent overreached and Ramsey pounced, skewering their queen against a back rank mate, 3-0.

Next to finish was Lucian. I’m afraid I saw hardly any of it but a glance at the scoresheet showed a lot of queen moves early doors so I can assume a fighting loss.

Theo was last to finish. The game seemed very complicated by the time I started watching, with action at both ends of the board with active queens and, even though Theo was a piece down, he certainly had some dynamic compensation and his opponent had to be careful not to lose. After much thrust and counter-thrust, he managed to construct a perpetual (ish!) situation and his opponent agreed the draw bringing the score to 3.5-1.5.

A good result to take us into 2022!

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  1. Ouch.
    Black’s play reminds me of what B H Wood used to say long ago – Mixing your drinks is bad, mixing your openings is worse. If Black is playing the Benko, he shouldn’t be playing …e6. If he is playing the Blumenfeld, he should be playing …e6 before shoving the b-pawn, and he shouldn’t be playing …g6 because the weakness of his black squares is going to be a problem.
    All of which being said, Evan took impressive advantage.

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