Bedford D top the table

Not a headline I’ve been able to use for a while so thought I’d grab the opportunity!

 Open University   Bedford D 
1Dave Wells17050.50.5Steve C Pike1840
2Paul Endersby158501Evan Lewis1746
3David Webber1300e01Theo Jenkins1576
4David Phillips13520.50.5Andy Evans1585
5Steven Wayne130810Ramsey Dairi1500e
Played: 31/03/22     

Bedford D made it a hattrick of wins last night.

When I first had a look around the boards after about an hour, Theo was a piece up, Evan was the exchange up and Ramsey had trapped his opponent’s queen! You can rely on these kids!?

My own game was a passive affair. I hate playing against the French so try to avoid mainlines which isn’t much of a plan. Lots of stuff got exchanged, I always thought I had an edge (deluded) and then when we only had a few minor pieces left, Dave offered a draw which I accepted.

By that point, Theo had converted his advantage and Evan’s exchange up quickly became a rook and the game.

Ramsey’s advantage had become complicated. His opponent had got two pieces and a lot of activity for the queen and suddenly there were tactics and a new queen and the game was unfortunately gone.

Attention turned to Andy’s game. As far as I could see, he had been up against it for much of it but had held on to reach an equal rook and pawn ending. His opponent still had the initiative but Andy showed what we have been missing when he hasn’t played, to hold out for the draw and the match.