Beds Individual Round 4

A somewhat abbreviated round 4 of the County Championship took place at Leighton Buzzard last night (15th April).  All Bedford players (bolded below) put points on the board.

Rajan Ganger (2) 1 – 0 Peter Hunt (2)

Steve Pike (2) 1 – 0 Adrian Elwin (2)

Adrian Matthews (1.5) 0 – 1 Kevin Williamson (2)

Ben Pike (0) 0.5 – 0.5 Sajan Ganger (0)

In a R+N+Ps each endgame, Rajan checkmated(!) Peter Hunt rather prettily.

In an error-ridden game (really wish I hadn’t watch Andrew Martin’s “How to beat the Caro Kann” YouTube), Adrian made the worst and final blunder in time difficulties.

Adrian Matthews ran out of rooks to sacrifice(!) against an unflappable Kevin Williamson.

Ben and Sajan’s game rather fizzled out after a bright start.