British Over 65 last round

Paul played a controlled game against Brian Valentine so finishes third equal – an excellent result

Unfortunately, Andrew Ledger lost so misses out but still finished joint second in the Open.

Paul’s commentary:-

“No short draws in the last round:

Stimpson (3.5) 1-0 De Coverly (5.5)

Bray (3.5)      0.5-0.5  Myall (4.5)

Valentine (4)  0-1 Habershon (3.5)

So De Coverly wins outright with 5.5 despite losing today, Myall 2nd with 5, Stimpson and Habershon =3rd with 4.5. Phil Stimpson got a third place trophy on tiebreak, but I share the prize money: £60 halved to £30 each.