Candidates for the candidates

Arguably the best tournament of the year kicks off tomorrow.  As usual, there are various ways to watch it live:-

Chess 24 – Jan Gustafsson, Peter Sidler and Sopiko Guramishvili provide top coverage

Chess brahs – very weird combination of Eric Hansen, Yasser Seirawan and Aman Hambleton (without beard since he made GM) can be quite amusing

FIDE – if all else fails! – it’ll probably be dull but they may have the best video!

Chessdom and Chessbomb – a couple of cheap and cheerful options


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  1. Watching the brilliant commentary from Svidler and Gustafsson on Chess24 it’s interesting how often their analysis uses sacrificing the exchange as a routine tactic. And the tactic appears even in some of the actual games as well. There must be a message in that!

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